Gillette Community Theatre

Celebrating 40 Years!

Gillette Community Theatre has played an active role in the Gillette community for many years, bringing live theatre to Northeastern Wyoming since 1983. GCT’s repertoire consists of plays, musicals, revues, summer melodramas, dinner theatre, and audience-interactive murder mysteries. Audiences have loved booing and hissing at the GCT melodrama every summer since 1993, and it has become a big part of Gillette summer culture.

GCT encourages community members to audition for shows, and all auditions are open to the public. Members of GCT are focused on growing and becoming a greater presence in the area. Someday soon, GCT hopes to have its own permanent building in order to offer a full season of shows and be able to sell season tickets. In the meantime, GCT members are happy to perform and entertain in any venue in the Gillette community! They enjoy delighting attendants with humor, wit, and drama.

Gillette Community Theatre is a nonprofit, 501(c)3 organization. GCT follows By-Laws amended and approved by the general membership–comprised by volunteer.

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