Gillette Community Theatre

Who is GCT?

The Gillette Community Theatre is much more than just a group of theatre-loving artists and performers. Since its humble beginnings in 1983 with a handful of dedicated individuals, it has grown into a significant and active theatre voice for the community of Gillette, Wyoming. GCT’s repertoire consists of plays, musicals, revues, summer melodramas, dinner theatre, and audience-interactive murder mysteries.  Audiences have loved booing and hissing at the GCT melodrama every summer since 1993, and it has become a big part of Gillette summer culture.  

GCT means a great deal to so many people as a long-running community theatre, providing opportunities to be creative, develop new skills, and to stretch on a personal level. For some, it’s a great way to get together with other like-minded individuals to entertain the community. For others, it’s a great way to reconnect with fun activities after dealing with otherwise serious news or personal crisis. The ability to escape into a safe, alternate world for a few hours is a welcome distraction from difficult times.

Therefore, GCT is fully open to everyone, regardless of previous experience in theatre and the arts. We encourage our community members to come and audition for our upcoming shows or to consider working behind the scenes with building the set, helping with costume and/or make-up, or just being a much-needed stagehand. All are welcome and greatly appreciated. 

GCT helps to open eyes and minds to new and diverse ways of looking at the world through the medium of live theater. Theater has the power to change people’s lives. As such, the members of GCT are continually focused on growing and becoming a greater presence in the area. We continue to look for our own permanent location where we may be able to offer a full season of shows and to sell season tickets. In the meantime, we are proud to work with the Cam-Plex, Prairie Sky Venue, the Ramada Plaza, and other amazing venue locations. 

GCT members enjoy delighting attendants with humor, wit, and drama, and look forward to doing so now and in the future. We are a collection of richly diverse people: working hard, having fun, and achieving a common creative goal through uncommon means. So come and see what GCT has waiting in the wings!

Gillette Community Theatre is a nonprofit, 501(c)3 organization and follows By-Laws amended and approved by the general membership which is comprised of local community volunteers.

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