Gillette Community Theatre

Wish List

To continue to improve the quality of our productions, we keep a wish list. If you can donate any of these items or would like to make a cash donation to help us purchase an item, please contact us.

Tools: Hand and power tools, including screw guns, a radial arm saw, table saw, jig saw and mobile tool cabinets for our tools and hardware
Hardware: Large, quiet heavy-duty casters and swiveling wheels for scenery construction.

Women’s Clothing: Vintage pieces from the Victorian era to 1970s, unusual shoes and lace-up ankle boots in sizes 7-11 
Men’s Clothing: Vintage suits, tuxedos with or without tails, black boots, and specialty hats like wool felt fedoras, Hamburgs, top hats, and newsboy caps.
Children’s Clothing: Period costumes are always welcome.

Prop Items: Small antique tables, antique telephones, oriental rugs.
Appliances: Sewing machines in excellent working order, serger machines

Advertising space: If you are a business-owner, we appreciate the ability to place special larger advertising signs in prominent locations around Gillette.

Building space: GCT has the goal of achieving an audience-friendly independent performance space/stage, with workspace and office space. This is the largest item on the wish list, but GCT would like a home of its own!

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