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Upcoming Auditions

Auditions for this year’s hilarious melodrama will be held April 30 and May 1 from 6:30 p.m. to 8:45 p.m. at the Campbell County Library

There are 6 male and 5 female roles available.

Synopsis of the show: Everyone knows Pop Sicle’s Ice Cream Parlor serves the best ice cream in town.  Thanks to a secret recipe known only to him, his sister, Nana Peel, and his adopted son, Robin Baskins, Pop has the competition covered.  When that cold-hearted villain, I.C.  Custard, decides to steal Pop’s recipe, things get a little sticky.  Custard hires an accomplice, Parfait Deluxe, ex-chorus girl and total klutz.  Despite her shortcomings, Parfait is instructed to entice the recipe from Robin.  But Robin has given his heart — and lips — to Marsha Mallow, the sweet young waitress Nana has just hired.  (Their romance is enough to melt your heart!)  Employees getting locked in the freezer, a stage-struck prop man, a scoop of madcap characters and a show-stopping fight all make The Great Ice Cream Scheme a delightfully flavorful show!

This is sure to be fun for all, whether you look forward to attending or being a part of this fantastic production. We hope to see you there!

No previous acting experience necessary.  

*We strongly encourage people of all races, abilities, sexual orientations, gender identities, and backgrounds to participate in all GCT productions/activities.  We are striving to create an environment that is safe, accessible and welcoming for all.

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